A description of the optimum size of a firm as a very subjective idea

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A description of the optimum size of a firm as a very subjective idea

The ways in whichsize can help or hinder a firm vary from which angle you a looking at thesituation from. Size can have its benefits and its drawbacks, and each firm willhave its own benefits and drawbacks that come from either increasing in size, orremaining small, and these will depend on the market in which the firm is in, the current economy, and in some cases the preferences of the manager s.

For example a small firm may be small for many reasons.

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The size of a business does however depend a great deal on the marketwhich it is in. For example a business which makes specialist goods, or catersto only a very small number of people, will not be able to grow beyond thecapacity of that market.

This means that it would be fairly hard for the company to grow in thatmarket unless they did one of three things. Firstly they could come up with abetter and cheaper product then the rest of their competitors, if theircustomers noticed this then the customers would choose their product over theircompetitors, leading to growth in the company although internal growth can beone of the slowest, and sometimes one of the most costly methods of growth.

A description of the optimum size of a firm as a very subjective idea

Secondly the company could invest money into giving themselves a recognisablebrand name, although this can be a costly procedure, and can take a great dealof time, one customers recognise a brand name they will choose the product overa less swell known branded product Thirdly the company could take over, mergewith or enter into a joint venture with another company in their market.

The company could also utilise and pre-existing brand names which theother company had established. They could sell off any assets from the othercompany which they did not require assets stripping and utilise economies ofscale.

Economies of scale are one of the reasons why companies choose to expand. Economies of Scale are where when a company grows, it can take advantage of itssize in bulk discounts, machine utilisation etc. However once a company reachesa certain size than diseconomies of scale start to predominate over economies ofscale.

Diseconomies of scale can be caused by thing such as administrative waste, and break down of communications. This balance between the predomination ofeconomies of scale and the predomination of diseconomies of scale is what somepeople consider to be the optimum size of a firm, however this is only one viewpoint.

Therefore in conclusion I would say that there are many differentfactors that might determine the optimum size of a firm, and many differentpoint of view of what the optimum size of a firm really is. It varies fromcompany to company and from person to person as to what they think the optimumsize for a firm really is.

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Optimum Size of a Firm — ustom Literature essay Optimum Size of a Firm This paper states that the optimum size of a firm varies from company to company and from person to person. More Free Term Papers: To start off, when your company is just becoming established in the British market, consumers will have no knowledge of your product, we must encourage or persuade the consumer to buy your product.

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This, of course, is particularly true for subjective contributions that are filtered by the organization, gleaning unique and idiosyncratic resources for the organization that can lead to competitive advantages, a potentially positive addition to any business model (Barney, , Shafer et al., ).

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