Dissertation self-efficacy scale

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Dissertation self-efficacy scale

Jerusalem Background and Development: The GSE is a item scale designed to assess optimistic self-beliefs used to cope with a variety of demands in life.

Dissertation self-efficacy scale

The scale was designed to assess self efficacy, i. The scaled score for each question ranges from 1 to 4. The scale was originally developed by Jerusalem and Schwarzer in in Germany and has been translated into many languages.

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Studies have shown that the GSE has high reliability, stability, and construct validity Leganger et al. The scale was found to be configurally equivalent across 28 nations, and it forms only one global dimension Leganger et al Cronbach alpha ranges from 0.

Relations between the GSE and other social cognitive variables intention, implementation of intentions, outcome expectations, and self-regulation are high and confirm the validity of the scale Luszczynska et al.

Assessment in Elderly Populations: The GSE has been tested in a wide age range. Assessment in Minority Populations: The GSE has been translated into numerous languages and tested in populations around the world.


The reliability and validity of these translations are also very high. The GSE has been used extensively around the world. Several citations are found below. Design Strengths and Weaknesses: Consisting of only 10 items, the GSE is easy to administer and interpret. The scale measures one global dimension of self-efficacy with high reliability and validity.

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"Development and initial validation of a measure of counselor superviso" by Kristin Lee Barnes

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Vol 40 1 Mar Measures in health psychology: Is general self-efficacy a universal construct? Psychometric findings from 25 countries. European Journal of Psychological Assessment. Vol 18 3 Zhang, Jian Xin; Schwarzer, Ralf. Vol 38 3 SepABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION Condom use Self-Efficacy in the Pregnant Adolescent Population by RACHAEL SIMPSON Dissertation Director: Condom Use Self-Efficacy Scale (CUSES) was administered to these participants to collect the data for this exploratory study.

Maternal parenting self-efficacy (PSE) is a potential target for infant mental health interventions because it is associated with a number of positive outcomes for children and mothers.

Dissertation self-efficacy scale


AFIT/GEM/ENV/M07 THE DEVELOPMENT OF A LEADERSHIP SELF-EFFICACY MEASURE THESIS Presented to the Faculty Department of Systems and Engineering Management.

imposter phenomenon and counseling self-efficacy: the impact of imposter feelings a dissertation submitted to the graduate school in partial fulfillment of the requirements.

A review of the construct and concurrent validity of the Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy Scale adapted (Doctoral dissertation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, ).

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