Lesson plan the power of persuasion

Type up the following arguments to assign to each group: Your friend Dora has lost interest in school and her grades are suffering. As a result, she'll be repeating 9th grade.

Lesson plan the power of persuasion

Introduction 15 minutes Ask students to each take out a piece of paper and make a list of all the things that bother them at school. After students have completed this task, record some of their answers on the board.

Lesson plan the power of persuasion

Ask students, "How can we help to change some of these problems? Introduce the word "persuasion. Today, the students are going to learn how to write a persuasive letter to ask for something to change. Draw a graphic organizer on the board with three horizontal rectangles; the one in the middle should be much larger than the top and bottom rectangles.

Tell the students that you will be showing them how to tackle a persuasive letter using a common topic, e. Write "I think that homework should not be assigned to elementary school students" in the top box of the graphic organizer.

Tell students that the next thing they must do is come up with three good supportive reasons for their argument. Write the following on the board in the second box of the graphic organizer: Ask students to volunteer other ideas about what they think may be good support for this argument.

Other ideas may be sports commitments, getting home late, needing downtime after school, etc. Add two more ideas of supportive statements to the second box. Explain to students that at the end of the letter, they will need to write a closing by wrapping up what they have been writing about by re-stating their opinion.

Write the following sentence in the third box of the graphic organizer and read it to the students: Explain to students that they will eventually use the graphic organizer to write a whole letter.

Circulate the room to check to make sure everyone is thinking and participating in the activity. Independent working time 20 minutes Ask students to each select one of their own topics discussed earlier in the lesson and create a graphic organizer for it that includes a statement of opinion, three pieces of evidence to support the opinion, and a closing statement.

Have advanced students come up with four pieces of evidence. For struggling learners, have them develop only two pieces of evidence. Assessment 10 minutes Collect the graphic organizers and make sure students have a firm grasp of 1 a statement of opinion, 2 clear evidence, and 3 a closing sentence.

Review and closing 10 minutes Ask students: Why do people write persuasive letters? Who else could you write a letter like this to? Discuss these questions to make sure that students understand the purpose of a persuasive letter.Starr became all of these things for Clinton’s defenders, who thought a good offense was the best defense of a president caught lying under oath.

Lesson Plan Topic: The Power of Persuasion in Advertising Time Allotted: Up to 2 hours Grade/Subject: English Unit: Media Studies Outcomes 1.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which the construction of texts and images can create, enhance, and control meaning. 2. Students will demonstrate how language influences and. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 75, lessons in math, English, science, history, and more.

Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. Lesson Plan. The Game of Persuasion. Teach students to "argue" productively! In this lesson, they learn how to develop and present persuasive arguments to the class.

By Elizabeth Ramos. Grades.

Lesson plan the power of persuasion

9– Duration. 2 CLASS PERIODS. Quick links to lesson materials: 1 Item. Cleo Edison Oliver in Persuasion Power [Sundee T.

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