Misunderstandings in culturally diverse workplaces essay

The article analyzed the possible obstacles to workplace diversity and indicated that companies and firms with diverse people are more equipped to provide excellent services to the customers in the competitive world market. These companies and firms possess a deeper awareness of what it takes to be successful in various environments. The outcomes of the study offered relevant ideas regarding the current diversity management approaches being used specifically in the IT industry. Majority of the workers were optimistic that they have the capability to deal with diversity, while there were some workers who were aware and made the necessary adjustments so that they can perform well even if there is workplace diversity.

Misunderstandings in culturally diverse workplaces essay

Work with diverse people Issues that cause conflict Cross-cultural misunderstandings or conflict may arise whenever there are cultural differences.

Misunderstandings in culturally diverse workplaces essay

The following are some potential causes or situations in which conflicts or misunderstandings can happen: When you work with people from culturally diverse backgrounds, it is often the difference in cultural values that causes misunderstandings and possibly conflict. You may misunderstand the other person and react in ways that can hinder the development of trusting, supportive and helpful relationships.

We have included some examples for you. Select each of the six patterns below to see related examples.

Different verbal communication styles Across cultures, some words and phrases are used in different ways. Different non-verbal communication styles Non-verbal communication refers to facial expressions, gestures, seating arrangements, personal distance, and sense of time.

For example, avoidance of eye contact is a sign of great respect in some cultures, including our Australian Indigenous cultures. Some Australians regard this as a sign of hiding something.

Different attitudes toward conflict Some cultures view conflict as a positive thing, whilst others try to avoid it.

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For example, many Eastern countries deal with their conflict quietly. A written exchange might be the favoured means to resolve the conflict. Different approaches to completing tasks People from different cultures tend to complete tasks differently.

Some may be task-orientated, whilst others are relationship-orientated. For example, Asian cultures tend to attach more value to developing relationships at the beginning of a shared project and more emphasis on task completion towards the end, as compared with Europeans. Conversely, Europeans tend to focus immediately on the task at hand and let relationships develop as they work on that task.

The fact that one group chooses task over relationship does not mean that they place different values on relationships or that they are less committed, rather that they just pursue different goals during the process. Different decision-making styles Decision-making roles vary widely from culture to culture.

Some cultures delegate, while other cultures place higher value on holding decision-making responsibilities.

When decisions are made in a group, some cultures may prefer majority rule, while others view consensus as the preferred mode for reaching a decision. Australian Aboriginal people reach decisions of importance to their clan only after discussing them with others in the clan, particularly elders.

Different attitudes toward disclosure When you deal with a conflict, ensure that you are aware of how people may differ in expressing their emotions. The best way to work with different cultures is to be aware that cultural diversity exists and to talk about the differences.

You need to remember two things concerning cultural diversity: It can be difficult to address cultural differences without resorting to stereotypes. Stereotypes should not exist, as no person is exactly like another person and no individual is a clone of another member of a group.

As diversity in an organisation grows, so does the complexity of communication and the necessity to make greater effort in developing improved communication skills.

Diversity can create opportunities for character development by teaching tolerance and respect and encouraging concern for equity for people from culturally diverse backgrounds.Essays cultural misunderstanding meaning November 21, sportsmanship essay essay on professional goals islam religion and terrorism essays ramchandra shukla essays on success cultural diversity essay insead abu online research paper editor.

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and sensitive intervention strategies and skills in working with his or her culturally different client. Four foci of intervention and development envy, and misunderstandings toward one.

Culturally Diverse Nursing Workplace Organizational Behavior and Theory Introduction The world, especially the United States, is becoming more multicultural. Essay on Cultural Diversity!

4 Examples of Cultural Differences in the Workplace

Cultures change and cultural diversity is created, maintained and lost over time. Social learning and choosing, acquiring and assimilating and rejecting information and knowledge is a necessary aspect of the formation of cultural repertoire.

How to Teach Diversity Awareness in the Work Place Share on Facebook Because of globalization and emerging technologies, the search for the most suitable staff extends to locations across the globe. In this case, the cultural misunderstanding occurred when the doctor failed to understand that some cultures learn and believe from an early age that drinking cold water can be detrimental to the body and they are discouraged from drinking it (Fauzi, ).

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