Texting while driving commentary

The statistics are shocking, especially in view of the fact that this danger could be completely avoided. With the latest statistics available as ofinaccording to statistics compiled by the Department of Transportation, 3, people died and anotherwere injured in motor vehicle crashes caused by drivers who were distracted because they were texting or using cell phones. Anything that takes your attention away from driving can be a distraction. Sending a text message, talking on a cell phone, using a navigation system, and eating while driving are a few examples of distracted driving.

Texting while driving commentary

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Avoid Personal Injury: 10 Texting and Driving Statistics Every Driver Should Know Written by Carey Davis Texting has become an integral part of day-to-day life in the Phone: () Practice commentary driving to stay focused on the road. Make sure that you don’t text & drive, as it sets a bad example. 3) Download safety apps. On the surface, taking away the cause of the problem (the phone, in this case) seems like the easiest way to prevent texting and driving. Apr 04,  · Texting — the most common cause of distracted driving accidents — is fast becoming the new drunk driving. In , the most recent year for which there are U.S. Department of .

Texting while Driving Facts This article lists out a few texting while driving facts and statistics that everyone should be aware of. Owing to these, a majority of the governments around the world have banned the use of mobile phones while driving.

OpinionFront Staff The use of mobile phones has certainly enabled us to keep in touch with our dear ones, no matter where we are. However, using them while driving can lead to dangerous or fatal results on the road.

Why Texting is So Risky

As the trend of texting has gone beyond bounds, there are many youngsters and teenagers who are found texting while driving. One of the most prominent facts is that this activity takes away a major part of the driver's attention from what he is supposed to do primarily.

Texting while driving largely contributes to distracted driving, which consists of three main, really dangerous things: The first thing is that it takes your eyes off the road. Secondly, you may tend to leave the steering wheel, thinking that the car would be steady.

The third and most important fact is that it takes the driver's mind away from his primary task of driving with total concentration.

Texting while driving now causes 1 in 4 accidents in the U.S, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It’s six times more likely to cause an accident than drunken driving, and results in the deaths of 11 teenagers a day. • CELL USE & TEXTING – The county supervisors are considering a cellphone and texting ban while driving. A public hearing is set for Wednesday, Sept. It is ironic. State officials complain. In May, the company released a survey of 1, drivers ages showing that while 97 percent viewed texting while driving as dangerous, 43 percent admitted to doing it, and 61 percent said.

This problem came into the spotlight after some major fatal accidents, publicized by the media. A majority of car and truck drivers consider texting while driving dangerous and extremely fatal.

Texting while driving is being studied for more serious penalty in Va. - Washington Times

Most of the accidents, that take place due to this habit, involve teenagers and those in their twenties. If you anyway want to send, or are expecting an important text message while being behind the wheel, it is recommended to take the car to the road side. Remember that distracted driving might require you to pay a road safety violation fine, or even cost you your life.

The dangers and consequences are being discussed by governments all over the world, which is why they are imposing strict guidelines regarding the same.SPRINGFIELD (AP) — People caught texting while driving will face stiffer penalties under a new Illinois law.

Starting July 1, drivers caught texting will be issued a moving violation that. Texting while driving is a fairly new but very serious issue not only among teenagers but also adults.

Texting while driving commentary

The issue is new because texting is a recently new way of communicating between individuals and since it is growing and becoming more popular most people text.

Should there be a nationwide ban on texting while driving?

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To many, the obvious answer is a resounding yes. After all, texting while driving, along with other distractions, increases crash risk. An upcoming update for your iPhone will block people from texting — and using most apps on their phones — while they are driving.

Texting while driving isn't illegal in Texas | Accident Data Center Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Co-authored by Bruce Robinson It is hard to overstate the very real dangers of texting while driving.
Texting While Driving Needs To Come To A Stop | Teen Ink George Police Department Facebook page.

A recent police clampdown on driving while using hand-held mobile phones caught nearly 8, UK drivers in a week, ostensibly reflecting a widespread disregard of a law intended to protect alphabetnyc.com Texting while driving nothing to 'LOL' about | Opinion Ira H.

Leesfield and Adam T. Rose It's time for Florida legislators to act against perilous issue of texting while driving.

Commentary: Distracted Driving Can Be Reckless